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tv   [untitled]    June 24, 2012 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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journalism on the real. we want to present. something of. you watching our t.v. just in time for we have headlines egyptians are waiting to hear muslim brotherhood mohamed morsi has been announced now as egypt's next president. turkey denies the spying insisting its military jets are shot down by syrian forces on friday was on a training flight as major said to investigate syrian taze it was just protecting its over india as the plane crossed into its territory. and the world's top whistleblower is waiting for his faded to be decided by at. the country's london
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embassy at the end of may the u.k. supreme court rejected an appeal against julian assange just actually dishing to sweden where he's wanted for questioning over claims of sexual assault. up next a candid perspective on the syrian uprising from a senior aide to the country's president but. a political and media advisor to the syrian leader gives us a view from inside assad's government state should. thank you. for saying that siobhan political and media advisor to syria's president it's great to have you with us here thank you very much i'm happy to be here so it's now official the u.n. had of peacekeeping force has confirmed that syria is in a state of
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a civil war what do you say to that statement well i don't think that this could work and then they're put in the three we put this statement saying that it is not really but is sponsible to say that syria is in a state of civil war especially as we are fighting. terrorism i think the media in syria or some media has a war on syria that has a life of its own well talking about media you know when you read stories on syria in the internet media they often end with a disclaimer saying that the exact number of the victims in this conflict cannot be known because the syrian government doesn't give access to journalists on the other hand syrian government also says that the western media is very biased especially on who they call terrorists. my first question is do you think there can be trust restored between the western media and the syrian government or this media war will
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only escalate while there are hundreds of journalists who came to syria during this crisis it's true that we've been given access to foreign journalists hundreds of fresh hundred in the game hundreds of. foreign journalists from all over the world from india china. they were as from all over the world and so it's not true all the journalists among given access to syria. but also the that our. pens a pleased the tron and whole made themselves part of the war on syria and citing sectarian wars fabricating facts about what's happening in our country but the media war itself can it do some real damage or hands on it can do a lot of damage to the media war because when you have some religious men fighting
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sectarian hatred among the syrian people there are many people who fall victim to do this incitement unfortunately the media war throughout history could be very damaging. but effective so you feel like syria's government could lose this in this conflict because of media war no i don't think so i don't think that extent but it's definitely caused thing. lives of our people costing us more nias way of life you know we often hear especially at lately the syrian government pointing fingers to the others who are supplying arms to the unknown terrorist groups who are these others can you name the countries really the gnome but i would like to say to you that. the syrian government is the issue the issue is syria the issue is the unity and safety and sovereignty and prosperity of syria that is the issue
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you surely have your own version not official but your own version who made these people be who are helping the terrorists to kill peaceful people like you say i think even the observers of the u.n. a little better say that very. different a group we don't know who these people are we've been know to whom they belong to my leadership i mean. they were forces and they would say to you this is the most the problem in syria that you know. and that's the problem you know cooperation with the u.n. is critical for syria safeguarding it against a military invasion but with observers on the ground you know there was still hope for some balanced solution. but now that the universe abruptly ended the mission and they left how big is this threat of foreign intervention in syria well i think that observers have made many statements saying that the syrian government
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corporate with us they did not stop the mission this off spend the mission we all saw fear for their safety because the syrian people are good to do we are also afraid that some observers could be targeted by the groups and we would hate that to happen all we hear in the western media is the possibility of foreign invasion or intervention how do you assess the chances for intervention i don't think. that is possible in a sense because if you take what the sudan and prices and there are all. china would the door twice and what would what this with the stand off that the syrian people who should decide the future of syria i don't feel that. a military strike is possible and then if you look at what happened in libya or in
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yemen or you look would see the consequences of what happened and i think the west is quite aware of where things are in the middle east and i hope there are enough reasonable people in the word the way actions but it carefully and i feel there's no consideration for such a thing because of course you do have russia and china support as firestick u.n. security council goes but that didn't help much in the iraqi scenario. you know they want around the u.n. security council resolution and invaded iraq what other means do you guys have except russia well they learned from iraq also they think that scenario of course of course countries learn from their experiences i have no doubt we all learn from our experiences i have no doubt that the west learned from afghanistan. and the from libya also that military strike doesn't always come with
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a flowery result doesn't attribute the best result that they hoped for i think the world is different now and i think. it's no longer one polar system i think russia and china now hard to face and the international arena to the relief of most people and the world because we have suffered from one polar system and we're happy with the mergence of the bipolar system with the emergence of the brics and i think the words changing but look what just happened in libya for instance i mean the u.s. and their partners they have a perfect hundred percent track record when it comes to removing they had so foreign states that they want removed and i'm keeping in mind the result they have shown for bashar assad to go what makes you think that this could be different scenario and come to see how much russia has lived from by libyan scenario for
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example russia have to change. the political scene in the word by making an excellent stand in support of people who decide their future and is it democracy to decide in foreign countries to move ruler i mean this is the way. or is it the people who should decide. not only talking about syria they will proceed to say to the british people you should move camera or is it the. british people who should decide why that doesn't apply to other countries is it because of the colin who got money over the other people is it because the west doesn't believe that a people equal to western people in their right to choose their own system. this is a question i pose a democracy means the people of the country should decide their future should
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decide who rules them and then what did the syrian people achieve throughout the sea it was both cutting roads killing they are not losing their army and police people we are the ones who are losing it and when they talked about libya what did they say they said we didn't lose an american soldier but thousands tens of thousands of libyan people lost their lives. so does that not matter here talking about libya what are the implications of so much weaponry going into syria now what happens once the conflict is over and you have all this uncontrolled arms country full of arms what happened libya i think you can say that the conflict is over unless unless we all these arms are withdrawn from the street from the people that is what should happen.
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part of the conflict and in fact those who are smuggling arms and money into syria are the ones what igniting the conflict there are these foreign and external factors particularly the media war smuggling arms and smuggling money to syria is a huge part of the problem in syria but can you do something about this at this point or it's out of your control of the international community who should also do something about that because those countries who say that they support kofi annan the plan and kofi annan plan say and the first item stopping armaments and stopping violence from all parties in all its forms some skeptics say that the reason a humanitarian corridor for people in syria's most troubled place homes is not possible is because hearing government is afraid along with the humanitarian aid will come something else is that true that not true or that we be incorporating
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with the human that they're in agencies but until now we haven't seen anything of the humanitarian aid arriving to syria we called it the absolutely fully with the humanitarian agencies there's no problem so there's a humanitarian corridor open in homes right now there's no him going to fit in code or i don't know where the negotiations are but they're there's no need for him and he didn't go to door but there are assistance that. this coming and being distributed through that of the cross under the curse and do you feel like the allegations about people being badly in need of food and medical aid is exaggeration. extremely exaggerated you are also on that black list of sanctioned syrian officials that us the united states issued what does it feel to be like on a sanctioned list sanctioned by the united states you mean personally for me does it change anything to be sanctioned no i refused to go to the united states in two
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thousand and five and they sent me money in the patients of brookings and through money institute the go on the give a lecture there i did them because i don't like to be treated. at the american airport the way they treat people they probably through all people like this but i don't like to be treated that way and i don't have to go to the united states and by the way they didn't sanction me they brought my assets and they know i don't have a single dollar not only in the united states i mean work and the world so they can freeze as many assets of they like because they don't have any of them my asset is their love for my country and for my people and all these you know propaganda movements to put their name or so on to want to put my name on sanctions nothing to me do books of mine are being sold in the united states i thought a duke university i thought is richer than university a third book of mine is now accepted to be published in the united states so i thought this should be embarrassed to put my name on this out of print not me who
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should be there should be. saying or shove and thank you very much for this interview thank you very much thank you. children play war in the all case me. nine hundred forty one was really a first barrier for the nazi troops on their way to moscow. some years ago breasts were dying one by one undersea she. was. then the last shelter an unnamed soldier left a fusion ball work. very well mother. but i'm not sure when.
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the muslim brotherhood's mohamed morsi has just been named as egypt's next president winning fifty one percent of the vote and these are live pictures of thousands that sharing in cairo is to have swept in the country's first post mubarak presidential hopeful. turkey denies a spy insisting its military jet shot down by syrian forces on friday was on a training flight as nato said to investigate syria maintains it was just protecting its oving team as a plane crossed into with territory. and of the world's top whistleblower is waiting for his space there to be decided by aqueduct. the country's london embassy at the end of may the u.k.
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supreme court rejected an appeal against it in a sundress extradition to sweden where he's wanted for questioning over claims of sexual assault. up next is andrew with the sport. hello again thanks for watching and these are the headlines starting big for you fernando alonso battled through the field to grab a memorable win at the european grand prey last reading a battle england prepared to take on a depleted italy in the last quarter final of the european championships. and attacking promise porsche to take the game to spain after the holders beat france to set up an iberian semifinal. the first ferrari's fernando alonso has won an action packed grand prix in valencia the spaniards victory enough to put him on top of the drivers' championship and incredible drive saw him work his way up from
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eleventh on the grid and he took full advantage when red bull sebastian vettel in started on pole stalled on the track midway through the race to the right in and of lotus finish second while michael schumacher completed the podium after lewis hamilton and past maldonado collided on the penultimate day all. right. now let's go to the football and the european championships where england captain steven gerrard is urged his teammates to seize the moment as they prepare to face italy in the last quarter final these eerie have injury problems ahead of tonight's game but say they are ready for the english with the build up from kiev his cape partridge. the olympic stadium in kiev will host the first competitive match between england and italy for fifteen years and only the second is a european championship but after finishing unbeaten at the top of group d. england manager roy hodgson says the approach to this time i will be much like the others almost certainly is such
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a different mentality because it seems that. in the group stages you would have a little bit of a not guilty involved because you realise you didn't win your game or good result. you know could not get through to the final stages i don't think this could change our mentality particularly we must just like certain we prepare for the match that we're very for the much and when we go on the field we're capable of doing what we set out to the england all the only world cup winners never to have won the euros and lately have the habit of getting knocked out of big tournament of the quarter final stage but captain steven gerrard says this young team can still progress the atmosphere has been in the squad the confidence and belief that you know it's just important all the players seize this opportunity and this moment because you know from experience they don't come around very often so it's important that we we leave everything out and we keep shown to everyone
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a lot out of an architect out there that we are good enough to compete with that's our teams at this level the italians are also undefeated but miss key defended georgia and midfielder tiago mata is a doubt. friendly is aware of hodgson staal to the englishman managed into milan prandelli what name his team into the now before kick off as the azzurri aim to support england's tactics. we have watched all of england's previous games and know that they are one of the most organized european sides to play within forty yards and we need to stop them playing the play to high tempo and like to put the food we need to set the tempo from the start while england could face a familiar opponent in managed to city's mario balotelli the unpredictable striker scored a stunner in the two know when over island and he's relishing the thought of facing some of his club nights i hope is going to be a good match. i think it's going to be fun to play against my team mates. they
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know me and i know them. i just hope we're going to be nice. but i must be laughing i just hope we're going to win because i want to mean even if they are my team is oh yeah i hope they're going to lose parts in may bring on big striker andy carroll while italy have targeted wayne rooney is ignorance danger man if he and ballot tell you repeat their domestic rivalry it could go down to the last minute not that the english and italian fans that started arriving early here in the capital would mind at all kate partridge r.t. kiev ukraine so both teams are hoping to extend their stay but it is the end of the road for france they flew back home on sunday after losing two nil and their quarter final to spain players heading to the check in desk with their heads they'd been but there have been reports of divisions in the french camp after they lost to
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sweden and they went out with a whimper in the last eight only a few disappointed fans turned up at the airport to see them off. and not raise a stark contrast to the joy spain fans are feeling at the moment delighted with their teams with four wins which so if you have a long day's double sink the french and their ready to face the portuguese on wednesday. is moving forward in this tournament on wednesday we will be back here to play portugal and we're hoping to stand around at home as well and play in the final on the first of july thank you. so. portugal now are in training for that going straight to hell they are not notable absence and training on sunday injury ruling matter the rest of the tournament hugo media is likely to be his replacement for the game with spain and the portuguese promise they won't compromise their attacking style against the world and european champions. now a new world record in that the catherine has been set at the u.s.
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and then pick child ashton eaton beating the previous mark by thirteen points however reigning olympic champion brian clay failed to finish in the top three and that means he won't be on the plane to london so just a few were very fortunate to be in this position. i don't want to be like. treated super special or anything like that because i think it's just in large part because the guys you compete with next to be working a long time to come out and try and put something together. i think there was a lot of a lot of hope and expectation there and when you see that kind of all got the window it's pretty disappointing well the london olympics will be the first summer games are russia's open water swim and deceiver she surprised many by making the squad after big names fail to qualify but she is determined to prove her worth are some good guardians reports. with only five weeks to go until the olympics took
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part in a lighter training session this weekend this open water event in moscow region allowed kima choose to swim alongside the stars. it was a bit of relief from a grueling schedule but says she was hoping for a podium sport in london to listen we saw so i was very very happy to earn the right to compete in the olympics it's a dream for any athlete i think as well my expectations out really help the best are nandan and i'll try to make the podium and to get a good result will choose there's a lot of expectations on his shoulders the woman swimming marathon made its debut a billion pigs four years ago beijing and russia as larry said the one baltimore she's since retired but who so is determined to take up the mantle and believes hope of aeration will put her in good stead begging as i have already tested the olympic venue winds and it was quite alright he started always everything will depend on the write down they want to maybe code that but i have experience in such
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conditions and have competed in cold water before while there's joy for her there's heartbreak for a fellow russian swimmer the katrina syllabus of all those also taking part in this weekend's event she was one of the favorites to represent her country in london but failed to qualify during trials in portugal two weeks ago and it still hurts it's a win unfortunately the what in portugal was very cold but of course we knew this in advance and tried to prepare for it but my muscles just couldn't cope with the conditions so it was a big disappointment for me but i need to look forward and come out of it stronger . well hell presence was definitely appreciated in the most region he an amateur a swimmer makes with professionals in an event designed to combine sport and entertainment what brought me here is we've got a fantastic opportunity to do to swimming so i come every year it's an important part of my my swimming calendar. fantastic and absolute for. passed to give him
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more water good organization and lots of other swimmers and women has always been a popular and successful sport for russia however the last summer games in beijing the country only claimed for a minute it was more than one hundred or more for and events like these are all going to encourage more to take up the sport and perhaps achieve the highest level in the future to gregory and see mostly region now in tennis french open champion maria sharapova is targeting a second straight major title at wimbledon which gets underway on monday however the new world number one admits it is tough switching to grass after dominating the clay court season. i think it's the toughest backed about grand slam was no doubt especially if you're coming up for you know french open where our finalists it's the toughest turn around because you know as much as you want to celebrate and enjoy. you you come here in. a whole new ball game but i think
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that's the beauty of turner says there's so much out there to do and achieve and it's it always seems like it's back to back and finally there is a two way tie for the lead going into the final day of golf's travelers championship in connecticut englishman brian davies and american roland thatcher a two shots clear at the summit both players looking for their first win on the p.g.a. tour davis teeing off here carded a sixty nine on the penultimate day which puts him on twelve under overall and alongside him is that you who hit a five under par sixty five. and this chip to set up birdie typical of his short game on saturday. and that is all the sport we've got more later all next day is the. well. science technology innovation all the latest developments
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around russia we've got the future covered.
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